Check out our Custom GPTs!

OpenAI’s new ChatGPT store is now live.

Feel free to check out our own custom plugins, developed by Wes Moskal-Fitzpatrick:

TPL Generator – this will not only generate TPL modules from a prompt, it can also explain various TPL functions with examples. Give it a go with this example prompt:

“Create a TPL module that triggers on ‘file.exe’ and generates a Software Instance called ‘File Manager’”

Job Summariser – The job search can be exhausting, particularly when you have to parse very long job descriptions and pick out the keywords and important skills to highlight. This custom GPT will take any job description, summarise it within 50 words, provide the key skills and experience to highlight in your cover letter and a list of ATS keywords to go with it. Give it a spin by pasting a job description directly into the prompt!

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