Big Steps, Small Footprint

Small business? Let us help you deploy an offline LLM

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Want to train your own LLM like ChatGPT, but fully offline private and secure?

We can help you get started with a variety of open source LLMs, install, make recommendations and offer training.

Solution Design

We can design a solution for working on your own offline server, or for your private cloud

Value for Money

We are up front about the price and can scale to whatever your budget is


Do you need ongoing support, we can provide a simple no-nonsense support contract to look after GPT


We can install PrivateGPT and offer to install various open source LLMs for use in your small business


Want help to get started, let us offer you some tailored training in using ChatGPT, Bard, Claude, PrivateGPT and other generative AI solutions

Let’s get started!

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