The Company

“Small Footprint, Big Steps”

Our Approach

Embracing technology and bringing new heights where we can. Our primary goal is to give back to developers like us, providing a range of free-to-use and affordable apps for today’s connected BYOD environment. But Traversys is able to provide much more in the form of 1-2-1 or ‘learn at your own pace’ training, ‘off the shelf’ integrations and traditional consulting.

Our Story

Wes & Tim have known each other for many years, having attended church, socialised and worked together, we have a unique trust and understanding of our own strengths and weaknesses. Having both worked with small to large enterprise clients we’ve seen and experienced for ourselves the frustrations of administrators, consultants and developers first hand; where often corporate purchase decisions don’t reflect on the needs of the individuals delivering the work – particularly the lack of tool-sets available. After spending many years building up small tool-sets, workarounds and zero-budget integrations, we felt it was time to take some of the experience and private tool-sets to market where corporate and consultancy can’t or won’t. In April of 2017 we founded Traversys.