New Training Course Available – Using the BMC Discovery API

Some exciting news, we have a new training course available – Using the BMC Discovery API!

It was meant to be published last year but we had a bit of tweaking and a few updates that needed to be done to it – but now it’s time to boost your API skills and starting leveraging Discovery for 3rd party integrations.

Special introductory offer £49.99 (code: 1FAC7F014BE394FB6339):

Manic May

As we settle truly into 2021 we have another coupon available for the next 5 days, please use code: MAY2021

Throughout May 2021 the course will continue to be discounted.

getCert is Open Source!

We have a very special announcement this month. We are making getCert – SSL Certificate Discovery open source and free to use. The code is available at GitHub (Traversys getCert CE) under the Apache 2.0 software license.

We hope that by making it open source, there will be more adoption and more importantly, the opportunity for others to contribute improvements.

The development environment currently runs on a CentOS docker instance, or you can download the binary for immediate install on an on-premise appliance.

Additional support can be provided on a work order basis, feel free to get in touch –