getCert is Open Source!

We have a very special announcement this month. We are making getCert – SSL Certificate Discovery open source and free to use. The code is available at GitHub (Traversys getCert CE) under the Apache 2.0 software license.

We hope that by making it open source, there will be more adoption and more importantly, the opportunity for others to contribute improvements.

The development environment currently runs on a CentOS docker instance, or you can download the binary for immediate install on an on-premise appliance.

Additional support can be provided on a work order basis, feel free to get in touch –

Disco Enhancements 1.5 Released

This extension provides some powerful enhancements to the BMC Discovery UI.
Are you fed up with having to click through multiple screens to get to page you need?
This extension removes the need to constantly click and refresh pages by allowing you one-click:

* Edit TPL
* Open the Taxonomy page
* Navigate to any Dashboard
* Run a Generic Search query
and more…

If you are a Discovery Admin or Developer – you will be grateful for this sweet little extension!

Version 1.5.1 (Black Hammer)
Supported on version 11+ of BMC Discovery.

– Edit and Copy TPL without reloading the page
– Open a Dashboard from any page!
– Taxonomy and CMDB sync buttons added
– Run full generic query from any page – last query automatically saved
– Banner colours for easier identification of appliance
– Change appliance tab names for easier recognition
– Easily switch debug mode on or off, hide debug output with one click
– Refine results added to top of reports for easier access


Download version 1.5 here.

SSL Certificate Discovery Reaches 1.0

Traversys are proud to announce that we have updated our SSL Certificate extension for BCM Discovery to include an automatic installer, with dashboards and reports.

Our SSL Certificate Extension can provide insight into:

  • Signing status (self-signed or Certificate Authority)
  • Certificate Lifecycle
  • Serial Numbers
  • Encryption Level

Certificate capture works independently of the Discovery scan, meaning certificates can also be captured for servers that are not part of targeted scanning.

Supports versions 10.2 – 11.3 if BMC Discovery.

Talk to us today about enabling this for your Discovery solution.

Disco Enhancements Browser Extension version 1.3 Released

This release contains a rework of the back-end code to make the extension work with version 11.2 as well as maintaining a fluid experience in both version 10.2 and 11.0/1. It’s actually an improvement in the code, I’ve managed to tidy it up and remove some messy workarounds but not all of them. So the extension does throw up some console errors, but from a user perspective it’s unnoticeable.

It’s a continual game of catch-up with BMC as they tweak their interface for BMC Discovery even on minor releases. Version 11.2 is no exception – the banner has changed, and some CSS form elements ID’s have changed.

To accommodate the CSS changes, the Generic Search Query box has been moved to the top of the page content and expanded. My own experience with copying and pasting queries caused me to find the smaller box more limiting – and of course it makes support across 3 versions of Discovery easier.

The extension has been tested on Firefox in unsigned mode and works without any tweaking. However attempting to upload it for signing to AMO did alert me to errors in the manifest (Chrome Web Store seemed to accept it with the Mozilla required ‘ applications’ key). I guess I’ll have to create a duplicate repository with a separate manifest after all.

There is the thorny security issue around using insertAdjacentHTML(), see this:

if (xhttp.readyState == 4 && xhttp.status == 200) {
  pageDiv.insertAdjacentHTML('afterbegin', xhttp.responseText);

I confess this is hacky workaround to get it to pass some html from a text file to the page. Mozilla security will reject this. I’m not yet smart enough to know how to implement a workaround…. more late night studying ahead for release 1.4 I suspect.

A premium version will be on it’s way. This will add the possibility to view and run the last query under the Generic Search Query box, amongst other functionalities. The core version will remain free and all the code will be published under the MIT license on GitHub.

Get the free extension for Chrome.