This extension provides some powerful enhancements to the BMC Discovery UI.Are you fed up with having to click through multiple screens to get to page you need?This extension removes the need to constantly click and refresh pages by allowing you one-click: * Edit TPL* Open the Taxonomy page* Navigate to any Dashboard* Run a Generic […]
SSL Certificate Discovery Reaches 1.0
Traversys are proud to announce that we have updated our SSL Certificate extension for BCM Discovery to include an automatic installer, with dashboards and reports. Our SSL Certificate Extension can provide insight into: Signing status (self-signed or Certificate Authority) Certificate Lifecycle Serial Numbers Encryption Level Certificate capture works independently of the Discovery scan, meaning certificates […]
Automating The Department of Redundancy Department
This post was first published by Wes Fitzpatrick on LinkedIn (19th Feb 2015). It has been edited and updated. In recent times I’ve had the privilege to sit in on client meetings with small businesses who are moving from paper-based system to a partially or fully automated ITSM process. It’s a great boost to see a […]
Why do I now have to do Application Modelling… again?
Featured Image: CC BY 2.0 This article was first published by Wes Fitzpatrick on LinkedIn (5th Sept 2014). It has been edited and updated. This is a variation on a question I was asked often as a consultant during workshops for new customers using BMC Discovery. For the last few years Discovery has had CAM (Collaborate […]
Deploying Discovery: Who are your Stakeholders?
In my first post on the subject of developing a business case, I discussed the importance of defining objectives, and not just in terms of server counts, but factoring in costs and organisational structure. In this post, we’ll look at stakeholders, not just identification, but how to manage them and what considerations need to be […]
Disco Enhancements Browser Extension version 1.3 Released
This release contains a rework of the back-end code to make the extension work with version 11.2 as well as maintaining a fluid experience in both version 10.2 and 11.0/1. It’s actually an improvement in the code, I’ve managed to tidy it up and remove some messy workarounds but not all of them. So the […]