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Automating The Department of Redundancy Department
This post was first published by Wes Fitzpatrick on LinkedIn¬†(19th Feb 2015). It has been edited and updated. In recent times I’ve had the privilege to sit in on client meetings with small businesses who are moving from paper-based system to a partially or fully automated ITSM process. It’s a great boost to see a […]
Deploying Discovery: Who are your Stakeholders?
In my first post on the subject of developing a business case, I discussed the importance of defining objectives, and not just in terms of server counts, but factoring in costs and organisational structure. In this post, we’ll look at stakeholders, not just identification, but how to manage them and what considerations need to be […]
Developing a Business Case for BMC Discovery (ADDM)
As a contractor and solution architect, my involvement in most BMC Discovery deployments has usually come long after the business case has been determined, agreed and approved. By the time I’m on the scene, there should already be a PM, a statement of work with agreed deliverables, and a project plan – it’s then in […]
This extension provides some powerful enhancements to the BMC Discovery UI.Are you fed up with having to click through multiple screens to get to page you need?This extension removes the need to constantly click and refresh pages by allowing you one-click: * Edit TPL* Open the Taxonomy page* Navigate to any Dashboard* Run a Generic […]